Buddha Ecosia

The source of corruption?

Amsterdam, July 3 2022

Can someone please check the facts on next video and contact CS with the results?

What's happening at the top?

Amsterdam, June 17 2022

So now even important state people are speaking out on the corruption at the top of our financial and political system.

The new world order

There should be a world police system that works the same for everybody. We want to grow into one world, where we can travel, with several currencies and cultures, but one way we organise decency. So Putin shouldn't have invaded Ukraine, but we didn't really have a use for NATO anymore. It's way easier to organise and inspect. You don't have to worry anymore about national leaders. It's programmable...

A new UN
suppressed keyboard modifier events using alt-keys. European police/ Russian police/ FBI/ African police/ Asian police etc.
National/ Regional police
Local Police

You have to watch at least 45 minutes of this. It explains the situation quite clearly, if you see both sides. It is a few years old.