Creative Sources is a small network of freelance webdesigners, developers and programmers. We can also advise on digital security. You come with the job and we know whom to pass it to. We're just as good for a simple blog as for a massive e-commerce site. We are ready for the future. Though we are located in The Netherlands, we have an international perspective. Apart from Dutch we have a good understanding of English, Spanish, German and French.

We are working primarily with free and open-source software unless there is really no other choice. All our software is the latest stable version.

We are using:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Symfony (PHP 7)
  • MySQL 6
  • Angular (Javascript framework)
  • Scala (Java framework)
  • Debian Linux Servers 3.16
  • Windows 10
  • Apache webserver 2.4+
  • Responsive Design
  • And many more useful little programs

We are learning:

  • System Administration (Linux/ Windows)
  • Network Administration (Hardening, Intrusion detection, prevention, firewalling)
  • BSD & Red Hat Linux
  • Server Management programs

Apart from websites, we are able to make more general software, applications for Android for example. It is all very portable. And since we sell server and network-configurations, you can order a simple router or a completely configured server-system as well.